To establish science clubs in schools and colleges.

To organize popular lectures on topics of regional relevance and science.

Organize dramas / street plays and similar programmes for eradication of superstitious beliefs and evil social practices.

Organize programmes like quiz, elocution competition, science exhibition on science related topics.

Celebration of the events related to inventions and inventors.

To organize awareness programmes for healthcare, food and nutrition.

To organize programmes regarding soil conservation, water harvesting and management, environment etc.

To provide knowledge about the natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, floods, etc.

Entrepreneurship development and training to locals.

To organize awareness programmes regarding agriculture and organic farming.

Organize special awareness programmes for the rural and tribal community.

Development of new teaching material and methods for school students.

Development and production of “science kits”.

Development of interactive exhibits and theme exhibitions.

Publication of books, booklets, wall magazines, pamphlets etc.